Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just $5 feeds 15 people in need....

Posting this a little late, but did you "Skip lunch, feed a bunch" today?  If not, no reason that you can't do it tomorrow instead!

A great event, where you donate what you would have spent on lunch to the Capital Area food bank.  Just $5 will feed 15 people in need.

For more information:

Friday, September 2, 2011

Volunteer for the Latino Student Fund's Tutoring Program

Please consider volunteering for the Latino Student Fund's Tutoring Program - they still need help!

Info from their website (

To register - go to this webpage and fill out the form:

"How do I volunteer for the Tutoring Program?
To register for the LSF Tutoring Program, volunteers must attend program orientation and fill out the required paperwork. We ask that volunteers commit at least four months to the program. All tutors over 18 must complete a background check.

Are there other ways to volunteer with the LSF?
Yes, there are other ways that you can volunteer with the LSF. Depending on upcoming events the LSF may need volunteers for those events or people to help with outreach efforts. These opportunities are varied in time and scope so please contact the LSF office at (202) 244-3438 if you have any questions.

Are there any requirements for being an LSF volunteer?
If you are entering the program late or are unable to attend orientation, please contact the LSF Educational Programs Manager at 202-244-3438 or before coming to the program. In addition, all tutors over the age of 18 must sumbit a background check before tutoring.  There are no language requirements to be an LSF tutor. We ask that tutors commit at least four months to the program and are at least of high-school age. There are no professional or academic requirements. All materials and supplies will be provided by the LSF.

How much time do I have to commit to be an LSF tutor?
We ask that each tutor commit at least four months to the program and are prompt and consistent with their attendance. The program takes place between 10AM and 12PM on Saturdays (excluding major holidays and school closures).  If you find that you are unable to commit to coming every Saturday, you can sign up to be a floater tutor to come to the program when our regular tutors are unavailable.

Do I have to speak Spanish?
No, there is no Spanish requirement to volunteer with the LSF. Many of our parents do speak Spanish but all of the students are English speakers and the academic work is done in English as well.

Can I get community service hours for volunteering with the LSF?
Yes, it is possible to get credit with your school for the hours that you volunteer with the Latino Student Fund. Just make sure to SIGN IN EVERY DAY that you come to the program and have the appropriate forms. Every tutor will receive a letter containing their total number of service hours at the end of the program."