Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Send a Valentine to a child at Children's National Medical Center

I remember Valentine’s Day as a kid – long before I was concerned about having a boyfriend for the “Hallmark holiday”.  I remember going to the store and picking the perfect box of valentines, saving my favorite designs for my best friends, decorating a shoe-box, and then excitedly receiving a card (some with candy) from every single person in my class!

Imagine instead if as a child you were sick and had to spend Valentine’s Day in the hospital.  Please take a minute (probably only 30 seconds) and go here: Send your Valentine to a child in the hospital to send a valentine to a child at Children’s National Medical Center.  They hope to have 5,000 valentines to distribute by February 14th

Update: As of Thursday, February 9th they have collected 1,400 and have less than a week to reach the goal of 5,000 for the children in the hospital.  

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