Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 3 of Colonial Williamsburg

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Checkout day (note to self: should also not book getaways when we check out the morning of Daylight Saving Time)

Anyway, we decided to take in a few more things and grab lunch before heading back to D.C.

First stop was the Magazine and Guardhouse, where all the weapons were stored. Many of the weapons they have on display are originals. The guy in the magazine did a great job of giving a brief spiel and then let folks ask questions.

We also went to see the Joiner and Cabinetmaker – like the Blacksmith (but not quite as exciting) both were demonstrating their skills.

Lastly, we visited the Public Gaol.  There is a very small house for the gentleman in charge of the jail and cells outside for the prisoners.  Summer would have been miserable (and smelly) but kids seemed to really enjoy playing around in the cells.

We finally were able to get into Kings Arms Tavern for an early lunch – I had fried chicken which came with sweet potatoes and green beans and he had chicken pot pie.  It was quite yummy, and our waitress was great.  

It was just what we needed before the ride back.  We will definitely be returning for another weekend in Williamsburg one day, but will double check to make sure everything is open.  

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