Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Donor's Choose Gift Cards... - Teachers ask. You choose. Students learn.

The three gift certificates from Donors Choose that I gave away on Tuesday were able to fund three exciting classroom projects.  I was shocked that they were gone in 30 minutes so this time I want to give a chance to people who don't happen to be sitting at their computer at the right moment.  I have two $25 gift certificates (thanks to the Donor's Choose Board of Directors) that you can use to help fund important projects in classrooms across America. If you are interested, from now until Saturday at noon (eastern time) please leave one comment to this post with your email and a link to a project at Donor's Choose that you would like to help fund.  Please make sure to leave your e-mail so that I can send you the giftcard. I will randomly select two entries to each receive a $25 gift card! I hope that you are enjoying the giveaways as much as I am :)

For more information about the awesome non-profit Donor's Choose and how even $5 can make a difference, please see my earlier blog post.

And for examples of the types of projects you can help fund, please see below for the three that were partially funded with the first three gift certificates (and could use some more help). I've included a very short synopsis but I encourage you to visit their pages for more information.

The first project: (I think these look so cool and I would have loved using them in school!)
"I'm requesting a classroom set of Boogie Board paperless LCD writing tablets. I've been doing reading on these boards and have found that they would be perfect in my classroom. They are small enough to not take up a lot of storage space. They don't use up the battery except when you erase what you have on your screen. But, probably the best part is that they will keep my students engaged as they respond to questions and use them to write their spelling words and math problems."

The second project:
"I teach the most wonderful group of special needs Pre-K and Kindergarten students. My goal is to create a "World Class" Early Learning Environment that encourages reading through a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Curriculum. I want to marry the latest book by Dick Vitale which teaches children their basic ABCs and 123s with the Think Bugs Alphabet Curriculum. Think Bugs encourages children to learn their alphabet by building each letter with specialized building blocks and curriculum cards...There are no A is for Apple cliches here. A is for Awesome-of course, and B is for Baby. C is for Cheer, and D is for Dunk. Every page also has a collection of other words that start with that letter. Along the bottom are colorful basketballs to count out the page number...Wacky little illustrations of Vitale dancing, broadcasting, getting an X-ray add humor and humanity...Paired with Think Bugs ABC Curriculum my students will be able to practice their letters over and over with custom-designed big bricks that make it easy for small children to build their letters in a hands on way...a win-win situation!"

The third project has now been fully funded after the gift card helped the teacher get closer to the amount needed.   The students will soon be receiving copies of "Keesha's House" so they can start reading! The same teacher still has another project that needs to be funded, dry erase markers for the students.


  1. This is the two biggest ones I am helping right now

    both are under a $100 right now


    I have a bunch of projects up right now. One expires tomorrow :( High poverty school, large ESOL population, very rural area.

  3. I have a few projects up right now and we'd appreciate help on any of them! Trying for some technology in the classroom which will help our goal of going green! Thank you so much!

  4. This project belongs to a co-worker.



  5. This project will help fund an after-school cooking program for our elementary students. We hope to help some of our kids learn about healthy, good food and inspire them to spend less time in front of the TV!

  6. This middle school classroom is hoping to get a corn snake! We had one for years---he passed away this past winter to the great dismay of my students---and I'd love to see someone else get one. Feeding the cornsnake---one of the best ways I've found to get new arrivals speaking English! I don't know this teacher, but I think it's a great idea:

  7. Please consider this listening station project. This would be wonderful for 4th graders!

  8. Thank you for bring some attention to DonorsChoose and for supporting us teachers and our classrooms!

  9. I think this is an awesome idea! Whichever projects are supported will benefit many children.

  10. Super excited about the gift cards!

    The projects I have posted are for my first grade classroom. I have 28 students who are eager to learn and I long to provide opportunities that make learning meaningful and engaging.

    This project is for math games. Every Friday, I have parent volunteers come into our classroom and work with students on various math skills and standards. The games that I am requesting are for the volunteers to play with the students during our Friday volunteer time. These games are engaging, math focused, and dare I say it....FUN! Please help my classroom get one step closer to a more engaging math game Friday!

  11. Thanks for spreading the word about They are so helpful to classrooms! I could use some help getting my books for our Nooks. The project is
    Thank for the help!
    Ms. H

  12. Thanks so much for helping out DonorsChoose projects. I would love some help with any of my awesome projects for my second graders at

    My Email is

    Thanks for your acts of kindness. Robin

  13. Hi! First of all, thank you for supporting classrooms, teachers and students through Donors Choose! You rock! :)

    I would love any available support to go to any of my current Donors Choose projects! Right now I have 2 literacy themed projects and 1 environmentally themed project. You can see them all at:

    I teach 2nd and 3rd grade in a combined classroom, so the wider the variety of resources I have for my students, the better! :-)

    Feel free to email me at anytime:


  14. and donors like you offer my inner-city 1st graders advantages that they would not otherwise receive. This is especially important because it's hard to ask parents for donations. My current project would provide books for my first grade readers, with a double match so $25 = $50. Please visit
    THANK YOU! Helen :)


    Challenging Students Everywhere 2 will help provide recess equipment to this district's gifted program. This year- to avoid being cut- the program was centralized but that means the kids are in the center all day and there's no recess equipment.
    erauls(at)sbcglobal (dot) net

  16. Hi there! This is wonderful! My email address is and here is the link to the donorschoose project. It will help provide level appropriate literacy activities to Kindergarteners in a moderate poverty classroom (and children for years to come, as the materials are not consummable).

    Thank you!!!!!

  17. Love this !! I am trying to help two projects for our school that are wonderful!


  18. I don't think I made it in time for the giveaway, but I want to add my project here. If you are interested in giving - my project qualified for a match and your impact will be doubled!

    Thank you!

  19. I would appreciate any help I could receive with a project I have posted for my Kindergarten class. Thanks for supporting teachers and for helping us make a real difference in our classrooms!



  20. To Lhouston, Mrs H, and Ms. Johnson -

    Thank you for coming to my blog and taking the time to post great projects. So sorry that you missed the deadline for this gift card giveaway. I hope to promote Donor's Choose again soon and highlight projects like yours so please check back or follow me on twitter for updates.

  21. Hi,

    Please consider donating to our Donors Choose project, "iPad For Preschoolers", aimed at teaching preschool students through the use of cutting edge technology.

    iPad For Preschoolers

    Thank you!